Design Thinking 2017

Uprooting the old paradigm and making design thinking the status quo

We live in uncertain times - with new technologies positioned to transform the world, user demands shifting and competition becoming fiercer. As the challenges become more complex, technology offering innumerable quick fixes, complicated structures creating more confusion than solutions – what do you do?

How do you determine what’s important to you and your organisation when planning for innovation, developing or improving your products and services and building user engagement?

The answer lies in going back to basics. Stripping down all the pomp, process and never ending platitudes. And focusing on the real problem.

Design thinking enables businesses to identify what really matters and working to create a solution. An exercise in problem solving, it enables a business to narrow down the real problem and collaborate with all stakeholders to create a solution, followed by prototyping and rapid testing.

Picking up where we left off in 2016 with the ongoing obstacles posed by the status quo, investigating new strategies to improve the commercial outcomes of design thinking, building the capabilities and skills of your team, enabling greater collaboration and changing the culture.

Design Thinking 2017 will speak to seasoned design practitioners and novices keen to explore design as a methodology to drive innovation and improve outcomes in the business.

Themes and Topics:

  • Taking Design Thinking to the Next Level – Designing a Culture for innovation and change
  • Scaling Design Thinking Across the Organisation
  • Determining ROI and getting Buy-in from Different Cohorts and Those holding the Purse Strings
  • Building Capability and Teams to Effectively Apply Design Thinking
  • Addressing the Uncertainty to Technology and Economy with Problem Solving

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