26 - 27 June, 2018 | Swissotel, Sydney, NSW

Ben Crothers

Design Educator

10:30 AM PANEL DISCUSSION: Can You Apply Design Thinking to Design a Culture?

Design thinking is a methodology commonly applied externally to develop new, delightful customer experiences. It can also be applied internally to drive process change. However, in order to inspire creativity, problem-solving and innovation in you organisation, your workplace culture needs to be considered. Can you use design thinking for this?

In this session, our panellists will discuss;
  • Does culture come from the bottom up or the top down?
  • What potential strategies can you use to design a culture?
  • How does workplace culture lead to creative outcomes?

12:40 PM MEASURING SUCCESS AND ROI: Assessing How to Address the Difficulties of Measuring Success and ROI from Design Thinking

Design Thinking involves harnessing logic and intuition to reframe and solve problems in your company. This requires time and patience before being able to capture ROI in a traditional sense. Hence, barriers may be posed when trying to gain funding and support for a project that does not necessarily set an end goal. Hear from the innovative software company, Atlassian, and how they are leveraging design thinking to drive new, creative outcomes.

In this session;
  • Discuss the unmeasurable benefits of design thinking, such as identifying bad projects early
  • Identify the tools and frameworks that can capture the ROI of design thinking
  • Gain insight into how to address the ambiguity surrounding design thinking

10:30 AM Using Design Thinking to Help You Prioritise Business Objectives

Design Thinking should not just be seen as a methodology to create new, innovative products for your customer or end-user. It can also be used to rethink and reframe your business objectives to identify what strategies would benefit your business the most. This interactive workshop will explore how to harness the methodology of design thinking to prioritise the right objectives for your business.

Workshop Structure:
  • Understanding how design thinking can be applied to drive a diverse range of outcomes
  • Identifying and quantifying areas of risk, and other factors that hold us back from making decisions
  • Planning ahead for uncertainty and contingencies


Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Ben.

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