26 - 27 June, 2018 | Swissotel, Sydney, NSW

Hilary Cinis

Principal User Experience Designer and Design Group Leader
Data61 CSIRO

10:30 AM PANEL DISCUSSION: Can You Apply Design Thinking to Design a Culture?

Design thinking is a methodology commonly applied externally to develop new, delightful customer experiences. It can also be applied internally to drive process change. However, in order to inspire creativity, problem-solving and innovation in you organisation, your workplace culture needs to be considered. Can you use design thinking for this?

In this session, our panellists will discuss;
  • Does culture come from the bottom up or the top down?
  • What potential strategies can you use to design a culture?
  • How does workplace culture lead to creative outcomes?

4:30 PM DATA AND DESIGN: Understanding How Data 61 (CSIRO) Applied Design Thinking To Drive Innovative Outcomes

In this session, Hilary will present the successes and earnings of applying Design Thinking led collaboration workshops to ensure software development projects have clear agreed goals, a provable value proposition and key stakeholder commitment. This work is applied as professional practice by Data61 User Experience Designers leading cross-functional teams during engagements with clients working on data/digital platforms before going to market. The findings from a total 54 Design Thinking workshops and 5x5 day co-design sprints (from Sept 2016 - Oct 2017) are covered in the talk.

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Hilary.

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